February 8th, 2000
As you may or not know, I have been stricken with a strange medical problem with my right hand; my drawing hand. I went to the doctor twice so far, and he told me, "It is amazing the decrease in your mobility and sensory skills in your right hand." Basically, my right hand is deteriorating health wise. They put me in a wrist brace today, and tonight, my parents are flying out from Sacramento to my college to go with me when I go to see the Neurologist.
Some people have said they believe that I might have carpal syndrome ( I wish, folks ). Carpal tunnel syndrome has been ruled out by my doctor based on all the tests that have been performed on my hand so far. ( Damn, because Carpal is a little easier to fix ). All that is really known is that there is something wrong with my ulnar nerve- the nerve that runs along the ulnar bone from the elbow to the pinky side of my wrist. Even without my brace, I can't draw anymore. I know, I have tried. Which is a shame- I have an animated film deadline coming up in two months which is going to be premiered in Mayer Theater in Los Angeles in April. Also, I had an elaborate, long-term Road Rovers Valentine's Day series of art that I had been working on for weeks. Unfortunately, I cannot finish them, my hand is not strong enough, I can barely hold onto the pencil. I can't even cut my own food anymore. It is so embarassing that I buy all my meals to go and run back to my dorm to eat them there as best as I can- which usually means using my left hand fingers because my left hand was born very weak and has never had proper mechanical skills like using a fork, etc.
Anywise, I will still update Alethia's Realm of Rovers as much as I can. You most likely will not be seeing any art from me. Well, at least that leaves me time to work on other areas of my website. I will be able to update other people's galleries, and finish building the new art galleries for some of my new artists that have been waiting patiently. I will search my room, file cabinet, binders, and my hard drive for some of my old artwork of Road Rovers, if you still want to see art from me in the future, that is the best I can do for now.
I have been typing this notice one handed- which really sucks, because now my left hand is exhausted while my right hand lies in it's brace, twitching. Anywise, that is what is new with me, and that is what is going to grow old with me pretty soon. People drink and drive, and do stupid things and lose the use of their drawing hand. I didn't do anything but draw and try to carry out my dream at animation school. It really sucks to have this happen- I am miserable, and no, I am not asking for sympathy. It's just that a lot of people have been asking me what is up with my hand and everything, so now you know. I will post new information as I get it, if you like.
"Now I don't want your sympathy
Fugitives say that the streets ain't for dreaming now
Manslaughter dragnets
And the ghosts that sell memories
All want a piece of the action anyhow."
~Tom Waits