"NOW LISTEN UP.........."


Okay, this whole request dealy has gotten way out of hand. First of all, I am back in school, and don't have every second of the day to draw. I have SATS, Storyboard work, 2 Honors and some AP classes and now do art work for "HUZZAH!" magazine- all these things very time consuming. Plus, I have the "Enlightening Flash Newspaper" to draw for as well as the yearbook. Second, I am getting tired of dealing with some of the attitudes my requestors have. Because of the way the Request program originally worked, I have become completely overloaded with requests. They have become time-consuming and even frustrating. It has reflected poorly on my attitude, and I can't stand to be irratable nor mildly unpleasant. Thus, making requests now comes with regulations. Don't stress, they are nothing major and too restricting or of the like. They are simply to help me remeber just what requests I have to do, and exacatly what you as a requestor wants, therefore helping me to serve you better. Yes, I will HAPPILY fulfil your requests for you. All I ask is you follow the simple rules below. YOU MUST READ THEM IN ABLE TO MAKE A VALID REQUEST. It is fairly simple, and straight to the point. So please take the time to read over it. Thank you for your patience:

1) NO PORNO: I'm only 17, so you think this would be common sense, anywise. However, despite that, I often get porno requests. Please don't waste my time with any of that crap. I would rather die before rendering our beloved rovers in that manner. Besides- I believe the sexual rendering of copyrighted characters is wrong. If you are doing bad images of Colleen or Minerva Mink, I hope someone turns you in. If you would like a pic of that nature, please go to someone else. There are no exceptions. ABSOLUTELY NONE.

2) NOTHING GANG-RELATED: I crack up everytime I turn to page 6 in my RHS student handbook where it states under dress-code: "No student shall wear Gang-related Shoelaces". Lol- but seriously, I don't draw pics that heavily glorifiy gang life. "The Outsiders" like chars and themes I can do ( I love that movie!!! ) But nothing that glorifies that kind of behavior.

3) NO RACIAL SUGGESTIONS: NO PIC, absolutely no pic, will be racially charged or suggest opposition against ANY religion or ethinicty, etc. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO TOLERANCE FOR THESE KIND OF REQUESTS. You may find it hard to believe that people would request such strong themes as those above, but hey, they request them of me, if no one else :P

4) VIOLENCE OKAY: However, I do tolerate this. ( Seen that Hunter pic lately? ) However, I don't do gut stuff, so don't ask. Also, no rape; that falls under the first category, and plus, I am not comfortable with drawing that form of violence. Although I will do violence pics- I still have the right to discriminate against certain "violence requests" if I find them to be overkill or too much or too far out of the boundaries of good taste.

5) ALL REQUESTS COMPLETE: Any missing information from a request can make the request invalid. Below is listed EXACTLY what you need to send a request. It is also an example form to give you an idea of how you might fill in the spaces. THIS IS MOST THE IMPORTANT PART OF THE REQUEST. MAKE SURE YOU STUDY THIS FORM CAREFULLY. You can even copy and paste it into your email and just fill in your own answers where my examples are:

CHAR(S) NAME: Alethia



BREED IF ONE: Japanese Spitz


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Pure white, with long, white hair. Has a curly tail and high set, erect, large ears. Has a reversed triangle on her forehead that frames her general face and shapes her "eyebrows" and boxy, pulled back eyes. Small of face, and slight build.

THEME OF PIC: I would like to have her sitting in an easy chair and reading a book.

COLOR OR B/W: I would like the pic in black and white, thank you

PREVIOUS PIC: ( This is optional. If you have a pic already drawn of your char, it would be much appreciated and helpful if you were to send it. However, the file MUST GO TO EMUPLAINS@HOTMAIL.COM seperately and the request to EXILO@HOTMAIL.COM )

YOUR NAME: Kylen Miles ROAD ROVER-REALTED?: Yes ( this question is how I classify all art-work now, so that I know how and where to post the image.

6) NEVER EVER: Never send me emails saying: "How is my pic coming?" "How much longer?" Progress reports from my requestors are untolerable. They clutter up my in-box, pressure me, and frustrate me. If you want a pic, you only have to ask once, don't keep sending me all these emails asking me about how it's going or when it's going to be done. If it's an "emergency" pic, then email me and I'm sure I can make an exception. Otherwise, if you send me a progress report about your request, I will simply ignore it.

7) Send the request to exilo@hotmail.com. There is a quick button down below, also for files if you need to send a already drawn pic of your char.

8) LIMITATIONS: Due to the almost illegal number of requests I get everyday, each requestor is only alllowed to make 1 request every other week. I'm sorry, but right now my request list is just chaos.

Thank you very much. That will be all until I see it fit to add something else here.

Send any requests here, or for more information