Alethia's Road Rover Profiles

Hi, it's me, Alethia again!! :) Well, Hilt has managed to cause me more trouble than he's worth, so I took a little break to come back here and introduce you to the main team. It shouldn't take too much of your time, so I'll just give you the info again :) Each Road Rover and character that has been written up here so far are explored in depth. Please sit down- this could be a good long read, especially for those of you who are new to the Road Rovers show.

Alethia's    Analysis    on    Being


Hunter is pure of heart, courageous, and a leader. He is by far the magnanimous, generous, forgiving, kind, and thoughtful. He is pleased and appreciative of comments even said sarcastically. ( Such comments are adminstered only by Colleen and Blitz, but he takes Colleen's into stride with a heartfelt "thanks, that's sweet", or an "aw, that's nice" ). Hunter is, one could say, superbly gifted. Not only is he incredibly fast, but he lives up to other extremes as well. He is loyal, friendly, yet at times, flighty. He is also a philanthropist, even though mankind has turned it's back on him and even tried to kill him because he was just another, insignificant mongrel without a reason to live. His personality requires him to be patient, however, Blitz tends to wear it thin. One might find suggestion in the relationship between him and Colleen. However, Hunter often comes across believing he doesn't deserver love, or that it's not meant to be, for he makes no real attempt to pursue it. When he does receive some intimacy from Colleen, it surprises him, and he hastens to express to her how he enjoys it. It is only these times that he puts across his enjoyment in Colleen, for he isn't aggressive, nor confrontational like Blitz. Hunter would gladly and dearly give up his life for his peers and doesn't hesitate to put himself in the line of fire for any one of his team mates. He loves them dearly and would even lie himself down for Blitz, who treats the poor mutt with so much hate and bitterness, it's sad. The team is very secure with his presence. Without him, they are disorganized and tend to find trouble among themselves. However, one is unclear on who is responsible when Hunter is gone. Often Colleen rises as the self-appointed leader, and other times Exile does. When Hunter is in Wyoming with what the others believe to be his girlfriend, they manage to get themselves captured and nearly killed. The only reason they survived in the end was because Hunter left his rendezvous to come back and save their tails when he got their distress signal. This securely illustrates the significance of Hunter's position among the Road Rovers. Hunter, when referring to him physically, has no distinct breed background, but one can make an educated guess at Golden Retriever. He is the height of the average man with average build, as in he's not near so muscular nor huge as Blitz, and not as husky and round as Exile. Power wise, aside from his personal ones, he is extremely fast, a trademark path of fire following him wherever he goes. His quick reflexes also prove just as useful and benefit not only him but the entire team. In the face of danger Hunter is unafraid and even annoyingly positive, which often results in his tendency to just brush things off. Nothing seems to ail or perturb him, even thought he come from a "love child" past. Maybe he just refuses to think about the past, or perhaps, one hopes, he has completely forgotten the pain.


The most important thing to be said about Colleen is that she isn't one of those helpless, I'm-a-victim, passive female types. In fact, it would be unfair to even begin to say so. The truth is that Colleen doesn't sit around waiting for one of the men to come help her. She is actually the most cunning of the team and by far the most agile. She is extremely witty and hard to touch. Colleen, in fact, plays the tough cookie, and she has fooled us and the entire team into believing that she is practically hardened beyond feeling. The truth is she has a hard time playing a part that isn't hard. And it is for this reason that Hunter has such a hard time picking up on her feelings and what she really wants. Actually, Colleen adores Hunter, but is more playful and even cruel with him at times. In all respect, Hunter is rather flighty, and Colleen finds it easy to take advantage of him. She'll say things to him that are intended to be put-downs, but he has a habit of reading them as compliments. Either way, she has cute little pet names for him which she uses all the time, such as "Love" and the more condescending "Huntie-Wuntie". These pet names are about the farthest she goes to show her affection towards him with the exception of teasingly playing kissy-face with him when he half complains that words like "Huntie-Wuntie" demoralized the troops. It isn't until the series finale that Colleen let's her guard slide and her truest feelings show through. The majority of it was caused by her jealousy when she, including the rest of the Rovers, thought that Hunter had a girlfriend. She hated to hear about it and was bitter when Exile took Hunter to see his "girlfriend" in Wyoming. However, the males are perturbed by her behavior because Colleen had always seemed so untouchable. They wouldn't begin to think that she had such feelings for one of them. Particularly Hunter, who had always seemed to treat her just as a friend. They don't pick up on it until Colleen sheds tears over her loss. And even then, ironically, Blitz is the first to figure it out. After that, she really has no possibility of ever hiding her dreams again. When it comes to her view of the others, Colleen sees Exile as a great friend and Shag a noble creature. She is deeply in love with Hunter whom seems unable to recognize it, adn she refuses to call Blitz by his name. If someone mentions his name she casually asks, "Who?", and the other will return, "The Doberman." "Oh........have I met him?" In fact, the only time she has ever called by him by his real name was when she apologized for severely kicking him after he had mouthed off to Hunter how Colleen felt about him. Why she chose to call him by his real name after that display is somewhat a mystery, but then again, he had quickly done for her that even after years she still found too hard to do: come out into the open. The only shame was that Blitz wasn't conscious to comprehend the historical moment in his and Colleen's relationship. In the end, we know we would be just as heartbroken as she if things didn't work out for her. We respect and appreciate the statement her personality has to say.


Everybody loves Exile. No one could possibly hate him or dislike him even a shred. There is nothing about him annoying, crude, or distasteful. The reason why everyone loves him so much is because you've met him before. He's the older, wiser guy that you confide in and trust all your secrets to. He is the one that is always there when others are not, and for this reason we cherish him dearly, as do his team mates. Exilo Mikkalovich Sanhusky, to give him his full name, has never thought much of himself, for he is far busier looking out for his comrades. When Colleen is in over her head Exile saves her tail. When Blitz is looking frantically for a savior, Exile is always there and sometimes reluctantly puts his life on the line for Blitz. When Hunter needs guidance or couseling Exile is helpful and listens to the extent. At one time, when Hunter needed time off to see a dog Exile assumed to be his old flame, he quickly and happily took over the Road Rover Leader business. Perhaps the thing we respect most about Exile is how truly happy he is to be among his team mates and out in the field working beside them. The joy he finds in espirit des corps and camaraderie fills us with joy. No one could seem to love life more than he- not even the Happy-go-lucky Hunter. This is what makes us love Exile so much. However, this is not to say he doesn't goof around a little and have fun as much as the others like to. Indeed, he and Colleen are somewhat allied against Blitz. He doesn't go as far as Colleen does, but he has pet names, too, for the arrogant Doberman. Among his favorites and most frequently used is "wierd boy". We laugh when he seriously asks Blitz to consider therapy, or when he tells him straight up that he needs analysis. However, Blitz takes it into stride. Like I said before: it's impossible to hate Exile. Physical wise, Exile is a smaller Rover that is appropiately "husky". His build is heavy and he has somewhat shorter legs shorter legs than his counterparts. Actually, he's more like a comfortable, hugable teddy bear. Just looking at his face we can see the wise, honorable Russian underneath- that is quite a feat for a two-dimensional figure. Even that is incorrect; Exile's character is very three-dimensional and believable. There are times when you even begin to think that someday you could stop by headquarters and say hello to him. No matter what happens in the future, we are confident that Exile will stay with his friends forever. And even, by some strange phenomenon he doesn't, he will always be happy in our hearts, where we are happy to have him.


Blitz is self-righteous and a prone sufferer of chicanery. He is anxious, obnoxious, demanding and pushy as well as a self- adorer, traitor, and sniveling coward. He is steered not only by his belief that he is truly the best Road Rover. However, if he believes there is anyone who matches up to him ( perfection wise ) it would be Colleen. To him it's love, but it comes across more as infatuation. Either way, Colleen doesn't tolerate him. If he steps out of line, she is quick to correct him. He is the only Rover that receives physical abuse from the harassed collie. Blitz has a harsh hate for Hunter, visible and obvious reasons being that one, he is hte appointed leader, and two, Colleen seems to adore him. Often, Blitz demands to know why Hunter is leader, often to his face, testing his patience. This is often brought on by Hunter's occasionaly slip-ups, also making him a victim of Blitz's patronizing. As illustrated in the first of the Road Rovers Trilogy, Blitz makes an attempt to become leader and direct the others before someone else is appointed. At one point, when Hunter stepped forward to speak on behalf of the Rovers, he received a vicious kick from Blitz whom then spoke. When dangert is near and likely to get the upper-hand, Blitz only too eagerly betrays his "friends". He either denies his affiliation or else demands he is spared and another suffer in his place. When he is in trouble, he goes to his peers and is never turned down ( with the exception of Colleen, who only gives in when Hunter scolds her for her shallowness ). Even the plagued victim of Blitz, Hunter, risks his life again and again for the arrogant Doberman. With all respect, Blitz is perhaps the most powerful and capapble of the team. He is a towering giant ( tho not so huge as Shag ) and is strong, relentless, eager, merciless, and stealthy. He is quick and deliberate, which results in most of his scrapes where he would even "sell out his own mother", as Hunter says. However, I doubt Road Rovers would dare to exist without him.


Shag is defs probably the most cowardly of all the rovers- however, largest. He's not much human- at least, not like the others. Rather, he a towering giant of a dog. If he were to drop on all fours, he would look no different than his regular Canis Sapien form. The only thing that the mutator allows him to do is stand on all fours. For, he can't talk either, but puts across his point in "doggie language" which the others can translate perfectly for anyone with a misconception. Shag hails from Switzerland, and is pure white sheepdog ( tho some say a Komonodor ) with his eyes hidden behind his outrageous growth of hair. In fact, must identifying features are hidden behind his growth of hair. Although Shag's extreme cowardice can result in many downfalls, his superb strength more than makes up for it.