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Monday, July 31, 2000

I know, I know, naughty spitzy. It has been forever and a million or so years since I have last updated. *smacks herself for the masses*. I have good excuses!! Really!!! First of all, I have to use my parents' dying comp while I am away from school, and it crashes repeatedly and is no good for heavy duty updating, plus, I have some medical problems that have been keeping me at the doctor's offices almost once a week, plus, I have a job that I work anywhere from 5-7 days a week without a break. :P All I really "updated" was I added two links to two more art galleries I upload art to on the front page. One of them has several of my pics you will find nowhere else either because of violence rating or just because ;) So check them out! ;) Also, I have received a couple dozen commissions over the summer. So for those of you who are waiting on commissions that you filed with me, I am hurrying as fast as I can. You WILL be contacted as soon as they are done. Anywise, stay tuned. The website is still moving to it's new domain, and as soon as I return to school ( in less than a month ), there will be a major update to the Realm and greater frequency in updates, period. Thanks!! Laters!!.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

The Forum / Alethia's Message Board is back up.

Sunday, June 18, 2000

Well, today's update is mostly just a lot of news. I know news items bore a lot of people, but this is very important news that I think you should sit through.

A) Yes, yes, despite all the emails I receive, I know the forum is down. When I first opened the forum publicly, I warned people that the server it was on (wolf.metoo.com) was very unreliable. I knew this because while the forum was being built, Martin and I ran into building delays because the server crashed a couple of times. So when the forum was first opened for public use, I warned people in the anouncements section and in a couple of posts that the server was, indeed, unreliable, and apt to crash anytime without a moment's notice. Well, unfortunately, that did happen, and the server has not recovered yet, and the crash was over 5 days ago!

B) In other yet still related news, I finally obtained my own host and domain; silabub.com. (the cat server) It has 300 megs of space and email addies, ftp, and cgi and perl scripts and other goodies. It is also MUCH faster than wolf.metoo (the wolf server) and very reliable. AS SOON as the forum is recovered from the crashed wolf server, it will be immediately moved to the cat server and reopened from there. I will keep you posted.

C) I know updates have been sparse, but I have accquired a new summer job working at Ross ( yay me :P ). I work about 8 or more hours a day 5-6 days a week- so as you can imagine, my days for updates are pretty much shot- but I will update AS MUCH as I possibly can. Once September rolls around, I will be able to update every week or so. Plus, "Alethia's Realm or Rovers" is in the process of being moved to the new cat server. I will keep you posted on that as well.

D) And lastly for now, I have 2 new archives for my non-Rover art. One of them will house only my best pieces, and the other archive will be the most complete collection of my artwork ( G to R rated ) anywhere on the internet. I will point you in the direction of those new archives soon enough.

\Wednesday, May 31, 2000

Well, today's update comes with a lot of news!!! "Alethia's Realm of Rovers" is being moved to a new PAID for website host!! It will have 300 megabytes of space, email addresses if you want an email address at the new website, plus no more annoying tripod downtimes or there retarded banners and no more long, annoying addresses!! So, the website will be moving slowly to the new address over the next few weeks- but I will move it in pieces- so that the website will still be available at it's current address during the move. For today, I updated Dear Alethia by adding another question. As you may have noticed if you are message board patrons- the provider of my message board took a dump on me and lost all the pages of messages except for one- and it is the oldest messages. Plus, no new messages are making it to the message board for some reason for approval- so people can't post messages anymore >:P No matter!! Go visit Alethia's Message Board for what I hope will be a pleasant surprise! Explore the new message board- it took Martin Jack and me months to put together. It is still being finished- ( we are just resetting the colors and the background images ) but it is completely available for use and ready for people to post messages!! So go try it out!! Just remember to follow the rules!!

Monday, May 22, 2000

I know I know- it's been forever and a million since I updated the site! Well, aside from moving back home from college for the summer, I had Luke, Dj's, my Mother's, my aunt's and MY birthday as well as mother's day to take care of this month of may! So I am both broke and without much time lately ;) Anywise, I did some major upscale updating to Alethia's Images by updating severaly galleries and adding a new artist. Plus, here is a real treat!! Alex Martinez's gallery has been updated with some brand new, never before seen Road Rovers art!! It is worth the look, believe me!! Plus, I added a ton of new images to my own personal pages. To my new artist, Emaryldwyn, welcome!! I hope you will be sending more art in!! Also, I updated Dear Alethia with a new question which is a question I get commonly ;) I also updated Alethia's Links by adding several new links to some great new Road Rovers websites!! Also, Alethia's Fan Fiction has been updated as well. Alethia's Commissions and Requests has been updated with a new image. Welp, I am exhausted and I need to get some sleep because I have several errands to run later this afternoon, so enjoy the update!

Friday, April 7, 2000

*runs around screaming a Moody Blues song at the top of her lungs* "Here comes the weekend!!! Da da da daaaa....bum bum bum bum bah! Here comes...." Oops, sorry, just a little celebrating ;) Yay- two whole days and one evening free!! Anywise, for now I updated Alethia's Images by updating two galleries and adding two new artists. To my new artists, welcome guys!! I hope you will be sending more art in!! Also, I updated The Ultimate Road Rovers Quiz with a great new score someone got. You guys are doing well. I hope to update more later. Ta ta for now! ;)

Friday, March 31, 2000

Okay, before we get down to business. I have got to tell you a funny story. I was down at the animation main building early last night for a tutorial on how to load film into the camera to shoot our animated films on. Well, I had already known how to do this, so I walked out and bought a pizza to munch on. A ton of people were crowded in the camera room so I put my pizza box on a table in the hallway and stood outside the door. Also standing in the hallway were fellow animators and friends Ryan and Genevieve. Well, I took one slice and was munching on it, standing in the hallway, peering thru the camera room door, when all of a sudden, this old bum woman wanders into the hallway. She walks the length of it, trying desperately to get inside the Mayer Move Theater, which is across from the camera room. When that doesn't work, she turns around and leaves, passing the table. As soon as she is out of the building, Ryan blurts out, "Kylen, did that homeless woman just steal your pizza?!" I laughed and said, "No," but when I turned around, I saw that the pizza box was completely empty. The crazy old bat had casually swiped my ENTIRE pizza!! I was robbed of my dinner!
Anywise, on to the serious stuff. I updated Alethia's Images with some more new pics. That is all for now. Also, remember that the Official RR Fandom Converence is tomorrow at 2 pm. Don't forget to attend!!!!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2000

I updated Alethia's Images with a few new pics. Also, I finally opened up my fanfiction "Red Snow" up to the public, so fans of "Blessed are the Bleeders" and "And then there was One", you might want to check this one out at Alethia's "Red Snow". Ouch ouch ouch....I'm gonna go now before I scream!!!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2000

Hi folks- just finished reworking the Alethia's Commissions page for now. I am currently back in "commission" business. All people who filed commissions with me before March 17, 2000, will still pay the old prices. Anywise- I have finished almost all of my past commissions and am still finishing some others- so everyone who has commissioned me, keep checking your mailboxes for that letter saying "it's done!". Ta ta :D Oh yeah- I can also now be commissioned to do animation cels of your characters.

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Must sleep.......zzzzz....huh!!!??? Oh- today I got around to updating Alethia's Images by updating my gallery and by updating Gerhard Naude's gallery! Also, by popular demand, I added a new realm, Alethia's Episode Guide which is a guide to all the Road Rover episodes plus information and schtuff. Ta ta!! Must sleep.....

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Finally. Now that I am off my spring break and away from the real Computer Dinosaur ( aka my parents' computer ) I can actually start updating regularly again! *hugs her brand new, fast computer in her dorm room* . Anywise, today I updated Alethia's Images by updating my gallery, the fan art gallery, and by adding a new artist! I also updated the Ultimate Road Rovers Quiz page with some of the latest scores. Plus, I also updated Alethia's Road Rover Links by putting in a new link. Well, I hope to be updating again in a few days. That is all for now, except that I also put a new pic on Yerf: http://www.yerf.com/milekyle/kybu.jpg

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

:P Well, today the idiots at my school gave away my bedroom and full sized bathroom and I am NOT happy about that. So, I'm going to have to pick up all my crap and move to other living quarters this coming August. I had to fight tooth and nail today just to get another place to live. Sheesh. Guess I better start filling all those pushpin holes in the wall up with toothpaste. Anywise, today I added a new section, Alethia's Journey through the Creation of a "Road Rovers" drawing. Long title, Neh? Anywise, just check it out if you are bored or else just want to get a little glimpse into how I draw. Hope to update again soon with more sctuff. Laters!

Saturday, February 19, 2000

Today I updated Alethia's Links by not only adding more links, but by adding a whole other page with more links and another image of Veronique. I also updated Alethia's Dear Alethia with a new question that I decided to put up since a couple people have been asking me about that issue. That's all for now! Ta ta!

Friday, February 18, 2000

Boy I am exhausted! I updated Alethia's Imagesfirstly by updating my own gallery and also by putting in a new section, "Fan Art of Alethia and her Heart Friends! It is in no way completed, for I still have a lot of images to fix and put in there, but for now, there are 3 pages full of gorgeous artwork by some of the most talented artists out there- and there is A LOT of art in there you have NEVER seen before and may never see anywhere else because some of it is exclusive and private to this site. So please just view the images and do not mess around with them.

Monday, February 14, 2000

Happy Valentine's Day!! Unfortunately, this is one spitz dog that is without a valentine this year. But I'm not bitter ;) Hunter: "Bummer!" Anywise, finally, after years of being pestered over the phone, over email, and in person, my fan-fiction, Blessed are the Bleeders has been updated at it's page. Go there and follow the link to read the update to the story. Also, you may notice several images around the website are broken and unviewable. The site is going under a bit of an overhaul, and they should be viewable again soon. Laters!

Monday, January 31st, 2000

Today I added to and updated Alethia's Images and hope to do some more updating there or elsewhere later today. I have work today in the Animation Lab and I have a lot of work to do, so I will see what I can get around to! I also have some new art auctions at ebay going on:

Sunday, January 30th, 2000

All I did for now was remove the "Princess Mononoke/Hime" art from Alethia's Alternative Art because it now has a website of it's own!! :) If you would like to visit it, go here. "Alethia's Princess Mononoke Web".

Thursday, January 27th, 2000

Today I just updated Alethia's Alternative Art:) More updates soon, right now I am finishing up building a new website for a new story I have been writing.

Tuesday, January 25th, 2000

Today I added a brand new realm,Alethia's Road Rovers Merchandise and Items:) If you are interested, please be sure to check it out! I also have two new art auctions going on ebay:
The money I get from auctioning off art REALLY helps me to pay for all my expensive animation supplies for my college.

Monday, January 24th, 2000

For now, I just updated Alethia's Alternative Art Gallery by adding more artwork to the "Watership Down" section. :)

Sunday, January 23rd, 2000

Today the website reopened, and I added a new link, Alethia's Rover Walk of Peace which inspired me to reopen the page :) I am also noticing that some people are having trouble getting the RR postcards to work for them ( the images won't show up on their cards ) so the cards will be moving to a different provider soon :)

Tuesday, January 18th, 2000

Today I just updated Alethia's Music but I am working on some more interesting update crap still! :D

Monday, January 17th, 2000

Today I just updated The Mysterious Silabub by adding a new drawing, some new information, and a new layout. There will be more updates there tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2000

Today I updated Alethia's Images by updating my galleries and Bart Wall's galleries. To see my newest images, visit BOTH pages 4 AND 5. I also updatedAlethia's Alternative Art Gallery by putting more art in the Princess Mononoke/Hime section, including my fan chars from a very long, long, epic fan fiction!

Sunday, January 2nd, 2000 4:40 PM

Today I updated Alethia's Images and updatedAlethia's FanFiction. I finally got a new scanner, so I hope to scan some of my own artwork tonight and update some more later tonight!

Friday, December 31st, 1999 8:20 PM

Oh Joy, another art thief. Please visit the message board for more information and please help out any way you can!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 1999

Today I added this page and a lot of material to Alethia's Road Rover Infoand modified Alethia's Images to help make the page load faster. I also modified and added info to Alethia's Links
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