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Bonjour et en shante!!! Je m'appelle Veronique. J'habite a' Paris, et je suis francaise. Vraiment!!!! D'accord, j'ai vingt-deux ans, et j'aime les Road Rovers :) Donne-moi des minutes et je vais prendre.....OOH LA LA!! JE SUIS TRES DESOLE!! Have I been speaking to you in French this whole time? Je m'excuse!! Anyways, my name is Veronique, whom lives in Section 8 of Paris. I am an agent and a very good friend to the Road Rovers. Alethia has asked me to go out and sniff out the links of other Rover pages for Silabub, since she is busy trying to figure out this webpage business and Hilt is still making things a little complicated for Alethia. *chuckle* So, anyways, I have compiled them here, and painstakingly alphabetized them ( so be grateful! ). Newer links are identified bby a "new" arrow. This page is provided ONLY to Road Rover related media, so everything here should lead to something Road Rover related. Also, only non-adult Road Rover sites are listed here. So, go ahead and venture forth :) If you get lost, just find your way back here and I'll help you figure out the Metro system of these pages....( let me see, Metro 6 to de la gare; head in the direction of Nation, get off at Opera, catch 10 to Champs- Elysees....) oh, yes, a bientot and au revoir!! Bon voyage!! :)

And oh yeah, please link to "Alethia's Realm of Rovers" using this wonderful banner made by Beth Schultz!

Alethia's Road Rovers Links

"A Hair of the Dog that Bit You"
This just a page with a collection of production stills from "A Hair.."
Andrews236 Road Rovers Page
A very nice page with even topics of discussion
Angel's Road Rover Lair
Neato graphics compliment this website with links, fan fiction, and info!!!!
Bart's Road Rover Page
Hubert has quite some things in store for you!! Art, a message board, and more of the like!
Blades NEW Road Rover Site :)
This page belongs to George- who is a real wiz at building awesome webpages. :) Stop by and be entranced- always artwork- and information on IRC for Road Rover fans.
Blitz Website
Another lucky dog with his own page dedicated to himself plus a lot of other great stuff and a newsletter!
Boomerang's Rover Hangout
A very promising webpage with links, art, and profiles.
Brittany the Road Rover
Some info on a fan character.
Callie's Corner
Tons of awesome-o stuff!! Full or Road Rovers, Furry artists, Darkwing Duck, Lion King, and much, much more! Stop by often and check out all the wonders of my great friend and her website!
Canine Alliance Homepage
Another great site with Bios, vehicles, images, stories
Cobber's Road Rover site!
Bios, links, newsletter, stories, art, and a lot more!
Colleen Fan Page
A wonderful, joli place pour Colleen! A must for the the folks that have got that weird thing for Colleen ;) Ya drooling lot of mongrels! ;)
Colley's Road Rover Page
Very good place- with midi and other great stuff!
Cricket's Rover Pad
Cute page with info, links, bios and pics. There is always something going on- so stop by!
Dan Morales' Unofficial Road Rovers Page
It's the home of the infamous Dark Rovers and Indiana Dog!! :) Must go see. REGARDE-LE!!!
Dawn's Road Rover Page
This girl is a way cool artist! Her page is new- but it has art, bios, information, and the like!!!!
Dervish's Whirlwind
Oooh...stuff happening here!! Be sure to visit!!
Desert Mutt's Road Rover Page
Info, profiles, art, and links.
DJ's Road Rover Page
*Smacks herself for taking so long to put this link up* This is the website of my on-line/off-line big brother!!! This page is hella cool ( don't you just love Sac, my fellow Sacramentan, DJ? ) It is run by a way cool dude and has art, stories, profiles, nitpicks, links!!!! Go to his website now or the cat he and I bought together will scratch your eyes out!
Dotty's Road Rover Domain!
Wow- this place is on it's way to the top! Art, links, fan fiction, profiles, info, and even a message board!!
Dr. Alley Afghan's Sick Bay
Medic!! Faites venir un medecin!
Dylan's Road Rover Page
This place is just filled with lot's of way cool pics and other things!
Eldon's Road Rover Page
Quite a lot going on here! Stop by!
Elista's Road Rover Haven
An awesome artist with a totally awesome page. Art, info, and other way cool stuff. Also for the Pokemon fan. Go ;)
Emaryldwyn's Port
A really awesome site with bios, info, quotes, fanart, and links!
Felix Saputra's Personal Road Rover Homepage
Road Rover Profiles and some great Fan Art.
Fer's Road Rovers Page!
A website by one cool guy, Fer!! Has art, links, and stories and more!!!!!
Galaxy Road Rovers
Coolness abounds with bios, scripts, links, and lists.
Greg Williams' Road Rover page
Fan Art, Fan Fiction, and Links
Gypsy's Road Rover Palace
A delegate from Spain? Je ne parle pas espagnol. But go anyways!
Hobie's Road Rovers
J'ai faim! I sure hope Shag is cooking for me! Lots o' pics!
Hope's Panoramavision Page
IMHO, a great site with art, fic, links.
Hunter's Road Rover Page
Character profiles and images.
Huntress' Road Rovers
Hey, this is Grey's page, or as we say in my language, "la page de Gris" :) Home of awesome stuff- and it has probably the most comprehensive and largest Fan Fiction section on the Internet.
It's Another Road Rovers Site!
Despite the title, this page is very original and fun!
Janus and Co.'s Road Rover Page!
Home of the only rover vampire I know of.
Jasper's Road Rovers
Road Rover Images and Links
Jeff's Road Rovers Page
Very nice place!
Kris's Road Rovers Page
A breakthrough Road Rovers website with rp board, fanfics, fanart, and links!!!
The Mandaloran Knight's road rovers page
A brand new page starting out with bios, links, fan art, fanfics.
Marauder's Road Rover Page
A really cool site with links and a message board
Maui's Road Rovers Page
A new page with links, fanfics, info and personal bios.
Mavrik's Road Rover Page
New page just starting out but with art, bios, and info!!!!
Maxx's Maniactic Road Rover Madhouse
Yay- fun page with info, art, bios, fanfics, and links!!!!!
Mele's Road Rovers Page!
A really great site with profiles, art, and fan fiction reviews!!!!
Mike's Road Rovers Page
Wow- this is a really great and awesome site that is really worth the visit!! Full of info, stores, art, links, and more!!!!
Morgan's Lair
It is always exciting for me to see new websites! This one has RR info, bios, art, fan fiction, and links!
Muzzle's Den of Madness
Muzzle sure does have his fans!
Muzzle's Page
Neato page with bien pics.
NightShift's Road Rovers Domain
A real cool site with a real cool name, plus links, art, bios, and fanfics!!!!
Ninetails' Road Rovers
Road Rover Info, Images, and links
Noire's Domain
VISIT NOW! The website of one of my best friends from high school, who is moving his purple curtain loving butt into college like me! Info, profiles, links, and stories!!!!
Parvo's Palace
It's about time 2 awesome villains got their own place!! Chez Parvo!!
Patch's Road Rovers Page
Another place to drop by and visit!
Patrick's Road Rovers page
Another great addition to the extremely large web base of Road Rovers with links, fan art, fan fiction, and info!
Penny's Page
I love this place!! Je l'aime!! Art, info, links, and lot's of great stuff. This page has easy navigation and is kyoote!
The "R" Files
Another great page with links, stories, info, profiles, art, and songs!!!!
Ray's Place
Quite full of images and other good stuff. Bien!
Rex's Rover Retreat
A new site just starting out with fanfics, fan art, bios, info, and links!
Ricky and Alex's Road Rovers Page
Hey very good!! Tres bien!! Vraiment!! cause this place is brimming with art, info, poems, and interactives. And all you fan-girls of Ricky? ( yes I know- coz the lot of you are always emailing me about him- go here to meet hime! ):)
Rover Artist's Road Rover page
Home of the awesome artist! It's wacky, wild, and artistic! Please say hello for me :)
Road Rovers 99
Profiles, pics, links, and a message board!!!! Go visit!
Road Rovers
Road Rover Info
Road Rovers
Road Rover Info
Road Rover Mission Control
Info and crap, images, and stuff to help inform folks about the show and how the fandom can help save it
Road Rovers and Producer Chat
A Rover movie? Puh- leeze- no live action!! Animated!! Animated!!
Road Rovers OFFICIAL Website
The Official Website of Warner Brothers Television Animation
Road Rovers Release Information
Just some basic info such as plot, bios, episodes, and details about the release of the show. Please be warned that some of the info here is incorrect.
Road Rovers Storyboards
Just a small site with information about the artists who drew some of the storyboards for some of the Rover episodes.
Road Rovers Vs. Swat Kats
A website that is all in good fun but still might anger you ( it pissed this Rover fan off a little ). Why did the Rovers fail? Because more Swat Kats fans wrote in than Rover fans- I'll bet if we had known about this website, the Rover fans would have outnumbered the SK fans! How about we write in and demand a rematch?
Rover Rescue Antarctica
Another Road Rover site!!!!!
Rover Wow's Road Rover Page
One word: WOW!!!
This page is full of all sorts of items and most importantly- how to save our show! It also offers a large gallery of Road Rover production stills and screen grabs.
Russell's Road Rover Page
Sam Houseworth's Exile Page
Although I seriously don't agree with the politics of holding "A best Road Rovers artist poll" which cheapens what would otherwise be a great site, this page has bios, fan art, message board, screen grabs.
Sawyer's Road Rover Page
Another nice spot! It has art, links, and more :)
Secret's Road Rover Domain
Road Rover Schtuff!
Sheryl the Collie's Website
A great, fun place. Be sure to stop by!
Sirius' Road Rovers
Under Construction
Snow Rover Headquarters
A really well organized page based on an original and good idea featuring bios, art, message board, links, and info.
Spirit's Spot
Cool, more from Spirit! More stories, art, and other cool stuff!!
Star's Dimitri/Rover Page
Ah, ma copine, Star!! :) Her page has tons of goodies!! Plus- it is the home of the famous "Adopt-A-Rover" program, plus all sorts of fun, wacky stuff! "Go Now"
Steven Today's Unofficial Road Rover Site
What can I say? This page has EVERYTHING!!! A must-see for all that one just about anything and everything about "Road Rovers" :)
Steward's Road Rovers Page
Mon dieu!! This place is pretty much loaded! It'll keep you busy!
Tanith's Page
An awesome guy with a page with art, bios, links, and misc., and message boards. I love this dude- he so cool!
Texarcanum's Ultimate Road Rovers Link Page
I consider this page to be one of the best Road Rover resources out there. There is an incredible number of Road Rover related websites, clubs, and boards out there, and this dude has set out to compile them all! A one-stop place for all your link needs!!!!!
Tiger Mountain
A great new site by the accomplished writer Gerhard Naude with fan fiction, bios, profiles, info, and links!!!!
Totally Neato Exile Fan Club
All right! A page with sounds, art, images, quotes and links just for Exile!!
Timon's Road Rovers
An easily accesible and navigational page with it's own chat :)
Top Dog's Road Rovers
Images, links, and info
Unofficial Road Rovers Fan Club
A great site with a fan club, newsletter, RR video files, screen grabs, and the like. Be sure to take a look. It's worth the visit.
Unofficial Space Rovers Page
Wow- it is great that some of the coolest yet less seen characters in the show finally have their own website!! Links, Fan fiction, art, and info!!!!
Weapon's Barracks
An imaginative page with info and profiles, fan fics. links, message board.
Zudnik's Home on the Web
A growing page with links and a bios.

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