Alethia's Pronunciations!

The questions I get most in my email box are: "How do you say so-and-so 's name?????" Seriously. But I'll admit, a lot of my chars have complicated names to pronounce. I have tried trying to write the names out in stressed forms for people so they can figure them out- but that isn't working too well. The real kickers are how MY name and CHAVALEH'S name are constantly mis-pronounced.

So, below are some wavs of my sonorous voice saying the names for you. Plus, I'll even include my own. And I am female, dammit!! How come everyone thinks Kylen is a guy name?

The Spoken Names.....

Here, learn how to say my own name :)
Some people tend to mess up on this one, so here's the correct way to say it
The real shocker for a lot of people!!! Just listen!
Tsing Tao
Some people can get this name, some can't. So here it is.
Alethia's brother- he is one of my favorite chars and I love his name
Jedore, the handsome Beauceron from "BATB". He is one of the more sympathetic soldiers, but a soldier none the less.

Did I miss anyone?

Is there a name you can't figure out and you would like to hear it here? Then email it to me :)

Alethia's Voice....

A lot of people ask me what I would think to be a good voice for Alethia. ( Don't know why, people just email me these questions ) So, I did a little searching and I came across the talented actress, Mia Farrow. I think she clues in on how soft-spoken yet determined Alethia is. A slow, smooth voice that conveys expression even when there is nothing to express. Here are some wonderful wavs given to me by Angel Munoz after my plea for better recordings. Or, if you think this isn't right for Al's persona, email me with your suggestion. K? If ya got an accompanying wav that I could put up here, email it to Thanks!! :)

Alethia ( Mia Farrow )

"But when you kissed me I felt like my heart faded out."

Alethia ( Mia Farrow )

"Oh sure!"

Alethia ( Mia Farrow )

"I'm pleased to meet you."

Alethia ( Mia Farrow )

"What do you want to talk to me about?"

people will no longer be pummeled by Chavaleh.

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