Welcome, Rovers, to the Road Rover Fan Art ring!!!

Welcome again!! Glad to see you expressing interest in this new ring!! This ring is dedicated to all sites that are a haven to Fan Art drawn by the many talented and expressive Road Rover artists out there!! To join, it, your site MUST have and Image Gallery or Fan Art page dedicated to Road Rover art works. If it features just your own art, that is perfectly fine. If it features others' art, that is perfectly acceptable as well. But you must have a specified gallery for such collections. Since the webring is supposed to take people straight to Rover art, if you DON'T have art THROUGHOUT your site, THEN make sure for your homepage URL you type the link to your gallery so viewers can be taken straight to Road Rover Art. After you submit your site, copy the html code near the bottom of the page and place it somewhere on your page. Preferably on the front page, but if that is not possible, than place it somewhere directly marked either "LINKS" or "WEBRINGS". Thank you, and have fun :)

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Thank you to Eric Harms for generously helping out and supplying the animated gifs.