Storm Runner

Hishn: The beautiful wolf that befriends Dion. Char designed by me
Dion, Hishn, and Tomi: Dion and Hishn defend the stranger named Tomi from some Warlogs. Chars designed by me
Dion and Yearling: Yearling, in an attempt to save Dion's life, is badly wounded. Chars designed by me.
Dion, Hishn, Yoshi, and Aranur: Aranur and his wolf, Yoshi, come to Dion's rescue. Chars designed by me

Animal Farm

Mollie: Mollie breaks a few rules. Char designed by me
Boxer: Boxer's dedication resulted in his demise. Char designed by me
Clover, Bluebell, and Benjamin: Clover discusses her worries with the others. Chars designed by me

Les Miserables

Jean Valjean, Cosette, and M. MME. Thenardier: Jean Valjean tries to take Cosette away from her horrible foster home. Chars designed by me.
Jean Valjean and Fantine: Jean Valjean vows to the dying Fantine to recover her child. Chars designed by me

Amber and the Rebellion

Bambye de Eare (c) Kylen Miles: Ambers best friend, the smooth doe
Molly Barker (c) Kylen Miles: The 3rd member of the tight group of friends. Extremely witty and sonorous at times

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