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Hello, my friends :) My name is Chokecherry, and I am an operative from India. Please, before you take this quiz, there are some important things I want to point out:

1) Some parts of this quiz are EXTREMELY tough, so please, before continuing, watch all the Road Rover episodes and watch them carefully and scrutinize them!!!

2) The questions are grouped based on the episode they are from, with extra credit questions at the end.

3) The quiz is extremely long; 73 questions altogether, some that enquire deep thought. Please get comfortable, maybe get a snack or drink, and be prepared to think- maybe even be frustrated.

4) PLEASE!!! NO CHEATING!!! In this case, Cheating would be looking at the questions, and then referring to the episodes for answers. Please, LOOK AT THE EPISODES FIRST, then come back and take the QUIZ. DON'T LOOK AT THE QUESTIONS FIRST. Yes, it's true, if you cheat, you can't get caught. But- you will have to live with the fact that you actually went out of your way to cheat on a quiz about a cartoon show. If you score bad- then try again. There isn't a limit to how many times you can try.

5) Questions range from 5 points (5) to 10 points (10) to fifteen points (15) (5)= easy question (10)= medium question (15)= hard question

Anything above 15 points is considered harder, and will only be found in the Extra Credit section.

6) Good luck!!! And yes, we are on the Honor System. NO CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!

THE   Scores!!!!

I'm going to be posting people's scores so that they may see how they did. I am saying now that there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to these scores. Everyone has been doing wonderfully and I have been surprised by many of the high scores. However, if you really don't want people to view it- I will post you as anonymous. In the quiz field where it asks for name, still put your name, but put an (a) after it so that I can still email direct results to you, and you can be posted anonymously.

Marc Weinstein 378/545 points 7/13/98

Anonymous 395/545 points 7/14/98

Nick Myers 470/545 points 7/15/98

Joey 370/545 points 7/15/98

Leigh 520/545 points 7/16/98

Tazz 225/545 points 7/21/98

Brendan McCann 545/545 points 8/17/98

Bart Walls 515/545 points 7/26/98

Chelsea 321/545 points 8/21/98

Collin Dix 344/545 points 9/8/98

Jaguar Master 205/545 points 1/14/99

Minesweep 235/545 points 1/11/99

Becky Fedun 153/545 points 6/12/99

Rising Moon 188/545 points 7/10/99

Gerhard Naude 437/545 points 10/1/99

Jack Mcraft 228/545 points 10/13/99

Computer Dinosaur 740/545 points 12/10/99

Eric Holbrook 372/545 points 1/2/00

Sam Houseworth 508/545 points 1/30/00

John "Catman" 563/545 points 4/3/00



Thanks to Leigh, it was pointed out to me that question number #54 has an inadequate answer field. If I were to fix it, it would take me several hours for then the whole html of the quiz would have to be rewritten. So, I have decided to count the question out of the score, so now the quiz is worth 545 points rather than 555. Thanks for your patience. Everyone's older scores have been fixed accordingly.


Let's Hit the Quiz, Rovers!!!!

Happens to be have braved this quiz