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Konnichi wa again!! Okay, I'll admit, I can be a real pack rat of a Rover, and tend to keep a lot of my old stuff around. Such as? Well, books, for instance, movies, music, yada yada yada...anywise, Heart-friends you can find some of that here!! Also, I am always looking for add-ons when it comes to these links! So if you have any further info, or images on any of these, please, please, send it to me at!!! I would be a thousand times honored!! :)

And YES, I do have tons of my own fan images for each of these- my own drawings and poems, which will be up shortly. However, until I get that chance to shell out another $24 bucks to use the scanner again, please, any fans of these items, of their films, whatever! If you have images, poetry, anything!! I would be much obliged!! ~Alethia

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Tailchaser's Song
Now with art!!
Wolf of Shadows
Under Construction
Watership Down
Now with art!
The Plague Dogs
Now with art!
Alethia's Advertisement for Ricky Galahad
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