The Plague Dogs

"But are the plague dogs then to drown And nevermore come safe to land? Without a fight, to be sucked down Five fathom deep in tide-washed sand? Brave Rowf, but give him where to stand- He'd grapple with Leviathan! What sort of end is this you've planned For lost dogs and their vanished man?" -Richard Adams, "The Plague Dogs" Snitter and Rowf are two dogs of a tortured world. Along with their fellow dogs, rats, cats, hamsters, and everything else thinkable, they are tested on daily at Lawson, and animal research center. Rowf is nearly drowned every day, a test to see how long a dog of his size and age can survive in deep water. Rowf forever smells of metal water. Snitter is a dog with his head sliced open, his brain full of wires and all else- he used to learn more about the species brain. Snitter forever is falling into mad fits. One night, the two dogs escape, and set out into the wilderness. There, they meet tod, a crude fox that teaches them about outdoor life in exchange for a share of their killings. As the dogs cause more trouble, the Lead Scientist decides that he wants Rowf and Snitter killed, and the only way to move people to do that was to spread a rumor that the dogs carried the terrifying bubonic plague. Now, there are enemies every where, trying to kill the dogs....

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Rowf and Snitter: Rowf and Snitter discuss plans to escape the research center. Chars designed by me.
Rowf and Snitter: Rowf and Snitter on the move as they attempt an escape. Chars designed ny me.
The Stardog: The Canine God is disappointed by all the problems on earth. Char designed by me.
The tod, Rowf, and Snitter: The crafty tod teaches Rowf and Snitter about survival. Chars designed by me.

dogs have escaped Lawson Park