A Tale of Exile and Survival

"Long ago The Yellohammer sang, high on the thorn He sang near a litter that the doe brought out to play He sang in the wind and the kittens played below Their time slipped by all under the elder bloom But the bird flew away and now my heart is dark And time will never play in the fields again." -Richard Adams, "Watership Down"

When Fiver fears the end is near for the existence of the Sandleford Rabbit Warren, he persuades his older brother, Hazel, and others to escape far away with him. They are met by danger after danger on their journey, but soon settle in a safe new home. However, there, they are menaced by an outrageous warren of huge, violent rabbits hordeing numerous females. Hazel decides to set his small band of followers on a mission to bring some of the does out of this hated Efrafa, and run into many another trouble and worry of their own. Told with memorable characters such as the hilarious Kehaar, courageous Bigwig, and collective Hazel, it is a sure delight to all.

*MOVIE NOTE* The film is a bit violent for younger viewers for it has mild language, plus a slew of blood and gore. Both the book and film are classic, tho the visuals of the movie may disturb younger viewers.

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Kenai and Elilhrair-ah: Kenai tells Elilhrair-ah how his species of wolves were all killed off. Chars designed by me :)
Coltsfoot and Mian: Coltsfoot and Mian witness a terrible happening. Chars designed by me :)
Flyairth: A rabbit who thinks she can just take over everything. Char designed by me :)

rabbits have escaped with Hazel.