A Novel of Epic Proportions

"A day will come Above the mound No light will shine Upon the ground- And from the deep Where Old Ones sleep Our Folk will creep Without a sound......

No more to hide And wait for night No more to shun The hot daylight The sun will die And you and I Will upward fly To hunt and bite.....

The Sun, the Sun The Sun will die And dying slip From out the sky And in the black We will take back All that we lack The Sun will die...." - Tad Williams, "Tailchaser's Song"

When the young cat, Fritti Tailchaser, realizes his future mate, the delightful Hushpad, has gone missing, as well as a number of other cats, he decides to go off on his own and find her himself. Along his journey, he makes some unusual friends and companions; Pouncequick, the tiny kitten who wants to be nothing but of some use, Eatbugs, the insane and awkward shaggy cat, and the mysterious Firsa Roofshadow, and female feline that lives as a shadow and has never smiled nor danced. Together, they discover a cat hell- where monsters of feline descent walk in underground tunnels; some eyeless, some large and savage, and some part entanglements of mear skeletons and loose flesh. The Lord Grizraz is their King, a monster with a terrifying creature of it's own, the Fikos, a maddening monster made out of of the dead bodies of every victim there has ever been of Lord Grizraz. It's up to Tailchaser to bring an end to this evil reign and regain all his lost friends... however, Hushpad is still nowhere to be seen, and could be anywhere in this cat hell....

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Tailchaser and Hushpad: Here Tailchaser meets Hushpad. Chars designed be moi. Hey- that's me!!!! Sorta......
Tailchaser, Quiverclaw, and Pouncequick: Tailchaser and Pouncequick meet up with Quiverclaw and his group of cats on their journey. Chars designed by me.
Tailchaser, Pouncequick, and Queen Sunback: Tailchaser and Pouncequick try to get help from the Queen of Cats. Chars Designed by me.
Tailchaser, Pouncequick, Firsa Roofshadow, and Howlsong: Howlsong takes Tailchaser to see Firsa Roofshadow and Pouncequick. Chars designed by me :)

Tailchasers have searched for Hushpad here