What    Up????????

Yeah, this pic makes me wonder that too. In fact, when I drew this, I left it without a thought in my sales portfolio. Peoples were going through my stuff- and one wanted to purchase it ( are you kidding??!!!! You think I sold it? No way!! I don't want a lawsuit on my hands for selling copyrighted characters!!! ) I said no, and that I had accidently left in there. Then they ask "So what happened anyway?" I said "'What?" They said, "The picture? Who died?"

Since then, I have been nagged to death by tons of people about the background of this picture. And you know what- I can't come up with an excuse!!! So- I'm gonna try something. Like, a contest... Until July 21st, I will take submissions from people. Sorry, I can't churn out prizes, but the winner can have their own page here, the image under their name, and their commentary posted along with it :) Plus, boy will they get honors and my personal thanks!!

Rules (C'mon! You can't just get away with anything!)

1) Your commentary must be original ( no plagarism )

2) It must be longer than a paragraph but shorter than 3 pages

3) Your commentary must clearly say what happened to Colleen and Hunter to make `em look so sad. Or is Hunter comforting Colleen who is the sad one? I dunno, that's why I'm doing this contest thingie!!

4) Your entry must be turned in before July 14

5) Please, send it to the correct address!! I want em sent to emuplains@hotmail.com

6) And no disgusting content in your commentaries, either!! I can accept violence and some language- but I don't want anything "X" rated material, for I am not a "Furvert" and this is not a yiffy drawing.

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!

Okay, everyone!! The entries are in!! :) I must say, looking over them, there were a lot of good ones!! I loved them all...but...I am not judging. That's right, I have a panel of offline judges that will be receiving all entries in the mail fairly soon to be judged. They will all reach and agreement as to the winner~ and they will contact me with the winning entry. I will then tell the winner about their stats and post the info on the winner here. So- Good luck everyone!! The journey has JUST begun!!!!! ~Alethia