Privet, My Friends!!!!

Hello, peoples!! I'm Chavaleh- I think Alethia already gave you my introduction, but, if not, this is me!! My full name, is, well, Chavaleh, but my friends call me either Chava or Chavs. I'm a First Walker- meaning I have been working as a Top Agent for the Road Rovers when the oringinal team was first selected, as well as a husky from Poland.
Silabub is a total art lover- and what pleases her more than doing some of her own drawing is other people's art!! Silabub is a major fan of all you artists out there- so help her celebrate your art. You can send her images at

I am in no way an art critic and have no call on what is the absolute best. Thus, it is to be pointed out that I don't go around the Internet, find some Rover art, and save it and put it in here, for that would make the suggestion that that art is better than others. So, if you want ANY of your art posted here, SEND IT TO ME. That way everyone has the wonderful chance of getting all their art posted here instead of saying, "Why gee- she never got any of my art from my homepage and put it up in her gallery. She must not think I'm good." So- that is why all art is posted here by request of the artist. Please keep that in mind ;)

Today I updated my own/Kylen's gallery, the fan art of Alethia,Kurisu, Rosy Rosenkranz, Bart Wall, Alex Martinez and I added a brand new gallery for Emaryldwyn!!!!! Check it out!!! Please- I am right now working on the other galleries and new galleries and putting thumbnails in those too! Please be patient!!!! Want your art here? Email it to!!!

The Artists ( alphabetized by FIRST name )

Fan Art of Alethia and her Heart Friends!

Alex Martinez
Altar Prime
Bart Walls
Becky Fedun
Bozena McCants ( also categorized as Kanga and Callie )
Charity Gifford
Dylan Rinald
Elista Adkins
Felina Cerviche
George Aguire
Gerhard Naude
Jocelyn Mossi
Katalin Bakyoni
Kitty Paws
Kylen Miles
Lara Everton
Martin Jack
Natalie Mossi
Ricky Galahad
Rosy Rosenkranz
Sarah Raen ( also categorizes as Aeterna )
Sarah Wheeler