Alethia's   Advertisement   for   Ricky      Galahad

This advertisemnt is for my great friend, Ricky Galahad. He has an incredible writing talent that makes me jealous :) He is offering his services to anyone who would like him to write a story, poem, or song for any occassion. Doesn't that sound tempting? ( Especially you guys out there who hire others to write love poems for your sweeties, anyway? ) Just kidding. Below is an example of some of Ricky's outstanding work. :) It's a song. J'aime chanter!!

Some Examples

Love Song
For such beautiful words, I think the Moody Blues ought to have him join them!!! (c) Ricky Galahad
Elements of You
Let Me Cry
Find My Love

Contact Ricky at He doesn't bite :) So drop him a message!!

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