Don't you know that you are dead?.....

I have Heard a Lot of Things about this Fan Fiction; What is it all about?

"Blessed are the Bleeders" is one of my many unfinished fan fictions, but one of my favorites and the one of mine that most people have heard about and have read. The cetral plot is that Alethia, plagued by horrific visions and unintentionally annoying her companions, flees her current Road Rover position and visits the run down and empty Perris Park to collect her thoughts. However, she disappears from there and winds up in the clutches of the Cano Sapien war lord, Dace, and his dangerous, Heart-named troops of dogs. There, she is imprisoned with various other Cano Sapiens, and it is all she can do to keep her wits.
However, Dace has plans for Alethia, and uses chicanery and deceit against her to try and win her over to his side in his plot to abolish the rule of manking. Alethia, unable to receive help from her fellow Rovers, faces two horrifying options- serving Dace's wicked plans, or falling into the ever-lusting clutches of Rio, who waits on the sidelines for her. However, Alethia is trying her hardest to reach her friends, and make some new, unlikely ones at the same time.....
This story contains:
Extreme and graphic violence
Little/mimimum foul language
No derogatory terms or tactless stabs at race, ethnicities, or disabilities
No sexually graphic scenes or situations
Mention of sexual abuse, but is never detailed or talked about much

If any of the above offend you in any way, please do not read. Otherwise it is fairly enjoyable, I promise ;)

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