The Ultimate Road Rover Quiz


1. ( Of Gold and Retrievers ) If Luca could have a wish, what would he wish for Oso? ( 10 )

2. How many times does Shag's phone interuppt the mission? ( 10 )

3. According to Hunter, when does it get personal? (15)

4. How many years ago was the Pyramid Prophecy written? (15)

5. How many mutant pirhanas emerge from their mutator? (15)

6. At lunch time, what food can Colleen be seen holding? (10)

7. (Take me to Your Leader) In the shared kennel at Camp David, who is Exile sleeping next to? (15)

8. How many flags fly at Camp David? (10)

9. Exactly how long can Colleen hold her breath? (10)

10. After Storm sets his airship to self-destruct, how long until it self destructs? (10)

11. What is the number on the naval ship that picks up Storm's baddies out of the ocean? (15)

12. On what page of the Rover manual does it say the Rovers have to have a group hug? (15)

13. (A Day in the Life) What time is Shag's alarm clock set for? (5)

14. How many henchman does Colleen take out near the swimming pool? (10)

15. How many tooshies does Blitz need to bite to get a new flea collar? (5)

16. What is Shag's secret recipe for? (10)

17. What is Hunter's response to there being a full moon out? (5)

18. (Storm from the Pacific) How many secret service agents are in the pool with Hunter? (10)

19. What does Shag's apron say? (10)

20. What percent retriever is Hunter? (5)

21. With his X-Ray vision, what does Exile see to the left exactly? (10)

22. What does the gas capsule that takes out Blitz smell like? (5)

23. (Let Sleeping Dogs Lie) What book does Exile read? (5)

24. What doesn't the boy dog in the book like? (5)

25. What does Colleen yell when she kicks open the musuem doors? (15)

26. How many ninja dogs present the golden Buddha to Parvo? (10)

27. (Hunter's Heroes) How many dogs leave in the reject truck? (15)

28. What is Colleen's mission name? Blitz? Shag? Hunter? (15)

29. What is the color of the roadside dummy's dress? (10)

30. On what page of the Rover manual does it say Blitz can't be left behind? (15)

31. Slipping on the ice, altogether, how many dogs collide with Blitz? (10)

32. (A Hair of the Dog that Bit You) Which of Exile's shoulders does the werewolf scratch? (10)

33. According to Colleen, when will Hubert have the testing done? (15)

34. When Shag first meets the werewolf in the kitchen, what part of the werewolf is visible first in the dark? (5)

35. What is the date of the full moon? (15)

36. When changing into a werewolf, what part of her uniform does Colleen break out of first? (10)

37. (The Dog Who Knew Too Much) Other than his comrade Shag, what is Exile also fond of? (10)

38. What about Sport's uniform is different from the rest. ( "It's smaller" doesn't count ) (15)

39. What is the color of the bowl Scout poors his soda in? (10)

40. How many jets pursue the Turbo Jet Rover? (10)

41. What can't the Turbo Jet Rover do? (5)

42. (Still a few Bugs in the System) What is the color of Greta's bow? (5)

43. According to Exile, with Hunter's speed, Hunter would make a great what? (5)

44. The music of what famous composer does Atwater use to soothe his bugs? (10)

45. What is the name of the Dog Biscuit Factory? Where is it located? (15)

46. How does Master do that thing with his eyes? (5)

47. (Where Rovers Dare) Of Katzenstok and Eisneria, which one lies to the north? (10)

48. What does Shag hold after a near fall off the cliff? (10)

49. What are the lyrics to Exile's little X-Mas tribute? (5)

50. With whom's life would Shag rather guard the sceptor with? (5)

51. Who makes a reference to an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical? (10)

52. (Let's Hit the Road) Who is chosen after Colleen? (5)

53. Where is the animal control center that Hunter and Muzzle escape from? (5)

54. Where does Fluffy live? (10)

55. What is the name of the gene-splicing machine the Rovers need to retrieve? (10)

56. What does Exile say rather than "Mayday"? (5)

57. (Dawn of the Groomer) What state to the Rovers pursue Groomer, Dalmat, and Fluffy? (10)

58. Which Rovers ride in the taxi? (5)

59. How much will the taxi ride cost them? (10)

60. After Shag is discovered missing, the Rovers look in the alley. Where does Blitz look for Shag? (15)

61. How much money does Shag owe Hunter? (5)

62. (Reigning Cats and Dogs) What is Parvo's feline name? (5)

63. What are the Rovers weekend plans? (5)

64. What does Blitz find so sad? (10)

65. Muzzle's insanity is a result of what? (10)

66. What is Groomer's first assignment? (10)

67. (EXTRA CREDIT) In how many episodes does Muzzle not appear as a major role? (15)

68. (EXTRA CREDIT) What is wrong with the "dripping wet" scene in "Of Gold and Retrievers"? (20)

69. In how many episodes does Hunter possess a tennis ball? ( Gun ammo doesn't count ) (15)

70. (EXTRA CREDIT) In how many episodes can the Rovers be seen in their true forms? ( Computer imagery in Part 3 doesn't count ) (15)

71. (EXTRA CREDIT) For which two episodes does the theme song differ? (15)

72. (Extra Credit) Which is the only episode to feature blood? (15)

73. (Extra Extra Credit!!) What two men are the countries Katzenstok and Eisneria named after? (first and last names ) (35!!!)